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Why SEO is Still Relevant in 2021

Why SEO is Still Relevant in 2021

When you talk about website health, this could mean many things. There is a health meter where your target should really be at 100%, so what exactly do you need in order to get to the desired meter? Though marketing has greatly evolved, SEO still remains a viable tool to help you gain organic, relevant and quality traffic.  

Ads are one of the best ways to get traffic, however what you do with the traffic is the more daunting task on hand. How so? For instance, you want to make sure all your content is unique, this involves creating content that passes plagiarism checks, having the right amount of keyword density but most importantly the quality of how it’s written. No point in getting unique content if it is poorly written, you need visitors to read your material, not skip it. Imagine if you are selling something however no one is buying due to how irrelevant your material is, you are wasting valuable traffic. 

In order to get good SEO scores, you need to make sure on on-page and off-page SEO is effective, get your website analytics in place, setup your PPC property and ensure your search engine marketing strategies are all white hat, do NOT even think about trying out any black hat techniques you friends might have shared. They may work for now but it’s only a matter of time before the all mighty Google spots it and kicks it into their sandbox for good. Once a website is sandboxed, there is no salvaging, no penalty fee to make it better, your only chance is to set up a new one or rely heavily on ads. 

Why does content matter for SEO? Well for starters, if you implement PPC, your bid depends on the quality of your website, bad content means Google charges you very highly for your bids. If this happens, your marketing costs may very well end up exceeding your net profit. Believe me, I’ve seen many situations like this which is why you need a good writer, good content creator and a skilled marketer to go hand in hand. 

Interested to know how it works? Reach out to us today and let’s make sure you are on the right process.

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