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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends you can Replicate for your Business this 2021

Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends you can Replicate for your Business this 2021

Finding ways to stay 1 step ahead of the game is a never ending challenge, those who stay at the top never take their foot off the gas pedal. So what are some of the best strategies that you can incorporate for your business? Do bear in mind not all strategies apply to you so assess these properly. 

Artificial Intelligence Engagements – More and more website platforms are now incorporating AI engagements where you no longer have to manually engage with every customer. That way it works is whenever a customer triggers an opportunity such as a new sign up, multiple logins or visiting a certain page repeatedly, your AI program will intuitively engage in a conversation with the potential customer. When customers ask a question, they want the answer right away especially if they are contemplating on making a purchase or comparing you with other competitors.

All you have to do is monitor your AI’s daily engagements and pick out which have the best potential at making a sale. This gives heaps of benefits such as saving time, manpower and maximizing engagements. 

Customer Analysis – There are many ways to keep engagements up and one of the ways is keeping a keen eye on customers information such as understanding the average age, interest, location and source. These details help you understand your customers and know how to strategize your plan of action. For instance, if the average age of visitors to your website is between 30-40 and know the gender, then you know what type of promotions to release that would better relate to them. 

Influencer Marketing – We live in the age where the more followers you have, the more your business can be noticed. Unfortunately not every company can be successful at this so why not partner with an established influencer that can advertise your business and rev up potential sales for your company. There is enough data where you can track the effectiveness of an influencer to assess whether they have driven up interactions. 

These are some of the top trends, but understand that marketing strategies always evolve so keep yourself flexible and do not hesitate to try new things out. 

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