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Paid Ads vs Organic – Which to Go for?

Paid Ads vs Organic – Which to Go for?

Both are important and effective, it all boils down to which is suitable for your business. New and upcoming companies are always in search of a perfect marketing strategy that fits their business and reaches their targets. 

For paid ads, it doesn’t matter how long your website or Facebook page has been running, once you select a keyword and launch the campaign you will instantly get traffic so this is the quickest way to market your brand and easiest but also the most expensive. You will allot a daily budget for this marketing technique and you will also have competitors that will be trying to bid for the same keyword you are so creativity and research plays a big part since you want to keep your budget flexible and at the same time effective. Computing your returns for each conversion lets you understand how much you are spending for each sale. It is simple to set up but requires a lot of analytics and a marketing specialist to properly launch and monitor your campaign depending on your budget.


For organic marketing such as SEO, this strategy is the most effective in the long run but takes time to mature. You can spend up to years to find yourself at the top of the listings especially if you are competing against big and established brands who’ve had their website up and running for a decade. Similarly to paid ads, you need to research your keywords, check the competition and start your SEO campaign. You also need to be creative since you don’t want to go up against those big giants who are light years ahead of you but rather find keywords that are not fully discovered yet. An SEO specialist will understand what strategy to implement and in fact will try to mirror how your competitors gained success with their organic marketing. 

Both of these go a lot deeper, especially with the ever evolving marketing this digital age brings which is why marketing specialists make a career out of this and keep on learning. Finding services that are 100% effective need research, reviews and a good structure before you decide to invest in one of these marketing strategies, some go for both.

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