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Why you Need a Customer Service Team for your Company

Why you Need a Customer Service Team for your Company

If you plan to expand you need to grow your team, unless you are content with staying where you are. If you are uncomfortable and challenged, more than likely it means you are doing something right and trying to grow your business. A company moving in the right direction needs customer service. It’s the backbone of your company that engages with your customers, maintains relationships with them and helps develop the reputation and standard for the company. 

Setting up a customer service team requires expenses, time to manage it and planning. However the benefits greatly outweigh the cost. The common business strategy nowadays is outsourcing since managing a customer care team requires space, resources and hiring which is not a walk in the park. So what is exactly the best course of action for your company? It depends on your setup, if you require transacting with customers in person then you need an on premise setup, if it can be done remotely then an online team will do wonders. 

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of On-Premise Customer Care Team vs Remote Customer Care Team?

An On-Premise Customer Care team gives you the ability to manage your staff in person, meet with them and see first hand the progress. The Cons though require a budget to get everything started, a great deal of planning and going through a rigorous process or hiring since this team will represent your company after all and image is important. For a Remote Customer Care Team, the Pros are definitely the convenience of not having the need to manage but rather monitor results real time. You get to save from spending on an office setup, not having to hire a team and many more. Some of the Cons though is not being able to meet with the customer care team in person but online meetings are the common trend nowadays. It is also not for all companies since some need to transact with customers in person. 

So how is your customer service setup for your company? What changes are needed? We’re definitely interested to know. After all, the image of your company depends on your customer care team and it is a vital part of your success for growth.

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