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Top Reasons Why you Should Prioritize Mobile App Development

Top Reasons Why you Should Prioritize Mobile App Development

It’s no secret mobile apps have overtaken desktop apps a long time ago. The average person in the US spends a little above 5 hours daily on their phone which includes social media, business functions or for gaming to date. If your company is aiming to dominate a market, mobile app development should be one of the major projects to prioritize. 

The benefits are pretty much limitless to say, imagine being able to reach your target audience conveniently through their mobile phone, let’s list a few reasons:
  1. Convenience – Creating a connection with you and your customer is gold, by having a mobile application you can interact, transact and make things easier for both of you to conduct business, provide updates real time and increase your brand awareness.  
  2. Brand Awareness – Words spread extremely quickly, especially in this digital age. Word of mouth and good reviews will easily help you reach the top in no time. What better way to increase your marketability by having your own app for IOS and Android. As you find ways to make your business thrive, having your own mobile application helps with business scalability which will never go out of date anytime soon.  
  3. Increased Transactions and Sales – Instead of spending the extra time to have them search your website, navigate through different web pages and try to figure it out for themselves which sometimes leads to lost sales, having your own application that is easy to browse, checkout and process takes a load off customers effort and time. You can expect a sales increase of 35 to 51 percent once you have a reliable, convenient and nicely designed mobile application. That is a big increase in sales which makes prioritizing it all the more important.  
  4. Improved Customer Experience – Customers need support and a good experience, these things are key to keeping them. Providing quick support through your mobile application gives you a solid reputation and foundation enabling customers to have all their concerns and inquiries addressed. Customer retention is an area of focus since giving them increased reason to come back is vital such as providing them promotions, discounts and announcements.  
  5. Increasing your Company’s Net Worth – Talk about boosting your company’s value? Companies who rank in the top 50 have at least one mobile application which increases brand awareness, professionalism and value. Filling every crack of opportunity helps your company level up and increase its stock value, this is a never ending process as you aim to adapt to the ever changing mark and thrive.  

So if you have a company that is looking to take the next leap and stay competitive in today’s market, there is no question that having a mobile application is a necessity rather than a need.

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