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Top Reasons Why Learning Video Editing is the Next Big Thing

Top Reasons Why Learning Video Editing is the Next Big Thing

We know what you’re thinking:
“Why would I ever learn video editing when I can just hire someone off Fiverr to do it for me?”

A few other refuting thoughts may cross your mind, like the fact that it would take too much time, that you’re too busy to learn something new, that it’s too expensive to master, or that you prefer to be investing your energy on other things. While this may be the case, it’s crucial to consider that editing videos in your personal vision can help turn abstract ideas into powerful content and save you a fortune in the long run.

Videos Are Inspiring

While pictures can say a thousand words, videos are even more transformational. Unlike pictures, videos prompt a more “human” touch and can trigger emotions like no other stimuli. They can portray important messages that elicit honesty, trust, and a real connection between your brand and the audience.

In a world that is constantly changing and becoming more fabricated than ever before, people want the truth. They want to feel connected to the speaker and evaluate their real motives through body language and facial expressions. Videos can help determine whether the brand stands for something that’s in line with their ideas and beliefs, which helps narrow down decision-making, leading to conversions.

Videos Are Here to Stay

Now that videos are becoming more and more popular, it is easier to see their effects on advertising and marketing. The truth is, every single person scrolling through social media feeds or even through their daily news will eventually stumble across dozens of videos.

More than ever, we’re consuming vasts amount of information, so it only makes sense that watching videos are quicker and more efficient to process. Videos are not only easier to consume, but they’re aesthetically pleasing and tend to attract more than average headlines through emotional links and effortless transmission.

If you’re big on building a brand organically, you’ll be happy to know that videos help generate quicker SEO results. Google has been showing more suggested clips in their search volume and testing many video-related features, which have become a large contributing factor in their algorithm. Even more than that, videos now account for half of all mobile traffic alone, and 59% of senior executives have claimed they will certainly opt for video when given a choice between video and text.

The Competitive Edge

With all of the competition in the business world, it would be virtually impossible to survive without thriving in video technology. This is because of the immense advantage behind video-production and its ability to attract, express, and idealize.

When we think about what it takes to lure in clients or customers, we have to understand that most of it is rooted in psychology. More than anything, humans like to connect and feel a part of something bigger. They want to feel related to ideas and beliefs that can be best expressed through stories.

Video editing comes into place by molding script and footage into a story. By knowing how to cut-out the right clips and design a perfect flow of ideas, there’s no doubt your videos will not only be inspiring, but conversion-worthy.

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