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A Bigger Budget Doesn’t Often Translate to Better Results

A Bigger Budget Doesn’t Often Translate to Better Results

If you’re a big company who is a big spender especially when it comes to online marketing, don’t be surprised if your big-budget may not necessarily translate to a successful campaign. Why? You need the proper team to see it through, the proper tools being utilized and an effective campaign manager manning the fort. This is also a misconception being marketed by advertising platforms who try to emphasize this concept and promise you’ll get quicker and more effective results.

We’re here to tell you there is a whole lot more to this to make ends meet

When you set a budget for your marketing campaign, it’s really about how well you manage and use your budget in turn eliminating waste spending which is detrimental for being cost-effective. You set a realistic goal, plan how to execute it and always consider the cost per conversion if you are focusing on increasing sales. Some companies easily overspend and find out their campaigns cost more than the benefits they receive, if that makes sense.

So what is the key to managing your budget properly?

Avoid Big Spending Blunders
In online marketing, especially if you go for big keywords and want all the results in an instance, you’ll soon be learning how to avoid a costly mistake the next time. It’s easy to burn your budget especially if you are doing Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Optimize your Website Properly
Having a properly optimized website does a lot more than you might think. For instance, if your website is optimized, you will be charged less for Google Ads which is smart of Google to level the playing field and reward companies that take time to develop a great and effective website.

Up-to-Date Metrics
Getting your daily metrics helps you easily visualize your performance. It’s also easy to relax when you are hitting your targets, however when you dig in deeper, for instance you find out you are overspending on an ad and find out your cost per conversion is actually higher than your target budget.


Most large companies have a costly lesson of mishandling big budgets or pairing up with a marketing company that is ineffective and too expensive which is why you need to have several meetings and ask deeper questions to know if this marketing company is the right fit for your goal. It never is a quick fix, no company has a golden spoon which can hand you all the success that you dream of. To do the job right, it will take countless collaborations, goal setting and daily monitoring of the progress. You will also need to accept minor mistakes as you go along since you will be trying out some things also, consider it a charge to experience.

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