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Project Description:

O2 Lifecare

“A Leader in Medical Healthcare Equipment Solutions”

O2 Lifecare is an innovative website built to showcase medical solutions and equipment in an elegant, fresh and unique way.  We redesigned the website to showcase its branding by focusing on Medical Health Solutions that aim to increase Portability and Wireless technology. It’s all about building confidence and empowering the brand.


Our strategy is to let the website speak for itself. Having the right mix of modern elegance and minimalist concept we were able to create a website that deeply represents the mission and the vision of the company. 

With the simplicity of the design we were also able to highlight the necessary elements and sections of the website which will lead to more user interaction and better UI experience. We also utilized data-drive results in order to plan ahead for the development.


We Started with evaluating the company’s goal and idea for the website. Listening to our customers is one of the most important factors that we always consider.

Creating concepts and brainstorming ideas that will work with the requirements of the company and applying the right design concept is the second part of the process.

Highlighting the necessary sections and parts of the website is always a key factor in creating a very good website. Making use of the elegant and simple design concept, we were able to create an amazing highlight that showcases the best products that the company has to offer.

Responsiveness is one of the key factors in creating a website, making sure that the website will work in all devices will garner more clicks and generate more website traffic.